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Araceli Martinez

University of Wisconsin
Major: Languages

QuestionWhy is a college education important to you?

Answer To this day, no one in my entire family has completed a college education. Not only am I determined to break a cycle in my family, but to also contribute to breaking a cycle in the Latino community. A college education has helped me broaden the horizons that I was once limited to. It’s helped me discover a different side of myself that I never imagined. Despite the challenging classes, I have enjoyed learning the material. So far, I have confronted many pot holes and detours, but I know that I am headed towards a great destination at the end of my journey.

Question How has the Arbor Falls Foundation scholarship made a difference in your life?

Answer Financially, the Arbor Falls Foundation scholarship has lifted a weight off my family’s shoulder. Without the scholarship, I would be uncertain about the path I would have gone through because I would have just stuck to my original plan. If it was not for the scholarship I would not have felt as if I had time to explore different career paths. With the numerous opportunities given in college, I have been able to expand my interests. Also, with the help of Greg and the foundation, I realized that I have a passion for languages. Although I am ambitious enough to learn as many languages possible, I’ve received a lot of help towards choosing the right path for me. I’ve been encouraged and motivated by the foundation to not be afraid to explore my interests. The foundation has helped me organize my college career path, but at the same time allowed me to live a little bit of my dream. If it was not for the scholarship, I would not have felt encouraged to explore and discover that different side of me that does not reflect in the mirror.

Question What words of encouragement would you offer to others seeking to further their education?

AnswerI would encourage individuals seeking to further their education to never be afraid to explore, to not lose hope, and to be ambitious. Set goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something nice once you accomplish them. Always think positive and keep your eye on the prize.