Important Dates

We believe everyone should have access to education…
including a college education.

With college tuition and fees escalating, access to higher education is becoming more and more challenging. Students with proven academic skills and a dream for further education should not be denied access to ongoing learning, a credentialing process, and a future full of possibilities based on achieving a college education. We believe we can make a difference for these students and their families.

In keeping with this sense of belief and purpose, a number of new $3,000 scholarships are awarded each year. Our scholarships are renewable for up to four years, as long as a student maintains a B average and is in good standing with their academic institution.

In addition to providing financial scholarships, we help connect each of our students with professionals who are working in a field that relates to a student’s major or likely career path. By making these connections we hope to provide each of our students with an additional source of information and support.

We are a private not-for-profit charitable 501 C3 foundation that provides scholarships to students in the Chicagoland area.

If you are part of this geographical area and meet the qualifications for a scholarship, we invite you to apply.

If you share our commitment to education and would like to join us in our work, we invite you to contribute.

Learning and knowledge can change the world for the better. A solid college education is one step in that process. We are committed to education, helping where we are needed, and doing our part to make a difference.