Important Dates

Our Commitment

Time and again we hear from people wanting to be part of something that truly makes a difference in their community and ultimately, in the world. A college education can do just that. And so it was this sentiment that led to the establishment of the Arbor Falls Foundation.

We want to make a difference too.

With this in mind, we are singularly focused on providing scholarships to students who are capable and have a dream.

Your contribution to the foundation will go to students who need scholarships to live into their possibilities. You can trust that your gift and intentions will be honored by the foundation. 

We know from the number and quality of applications we receive that the need for financial assistance is significant. We invite you to join in the effort to make education accessible to everyone who wants to learn more.

Ways to Contribute

There are two methods you can use to financially contribute to the
Arbor Falls Foundation. Please contact us to send a check.